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Customised Wardrobe Singapore | Cheap Built in Wardrobe Singapore

At Carpenter Singapore, we design and build durable, high-quality custom-made wardrobes for residential and commercial requirements. Our Singapore customised wardrobes are affordably priced, as our carpenters manage every step of the design and build process, without involving a middleman.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the carpentry trade, we are experts in Singapore customised wardrobe design and manufacture. We can design and build all types of customised wardrobes for residential and commercial applications, from built-ins to walk-ins, that will seamlessly fit into your available space. We are also specialised in custom-made furniture in Singapore.

Our team are dedicated to providing superior customer service during every phase of the design, build and installation process. We also offer a free consultation via our inquiry form to discuss furniture design, via a phone call or onsite viewing.

After we design and build your Singapore built-in wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe, we will arrange installation within 1 to 2 days.

Customised Wardrobe Design in Singapore

Carpenter Singapore offer a wide range of customised wardrobe design services. Whatever style of wardrobe you require, from classic to contemporary, we can build it to fit your design aesthetics, depth and size specifications.

To have a custom wardrobe designed and built by us, all we require is a picture of your desired wardrobe design and the specifications. Once our expert carpenters have these, they can then determine what your wardrobe will cost to build and discuss this with you. From there, we can begin customising your wardrobe design and start the building and assembly process.

Every custom wardrobe we build is intelligently designed to maximise storage space. We can create all types of shelving configurations for your Singapore built in wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe, depending on your individual storage needs. Quality and workmanship are guaranteed when you get a custom-made wardrobe through Carpentry Singapore.

Our experienced carpenters can build wall-mounted, walk-in and classic wardrobes that will accommodate the width and height available in your residential or commercial space. We also offer a vast range of premium quality finishing materials, such as laminates and glass.

We can design and build all types of different doors for your wardrobe, from sliding to pull open. At Carpentry Singapore, we also use soft hinges, so your wardrobe door will open and shut quietly. If you’d like additional features and accessories, just let us know and we’ll incorporate these.

Our Singapore customised wardrobe solutions are backed by a warranty, so you have our quality assurance guarantee.

Professional Wardrobe Carpenters in Singapore

At Carpenter Singapore, we have a team of experienced carpenters who are committed to designing and building customised wardrobes that efficiently maximise space without compromising on the design aesthetics.

For our clientele’s convenience, we also provide hassle-free installation. Our installation is undertaken within 1 to 2 days of your customised wardrobe being built. We will professionally fit it into the available space, ensuring there’s no wear-and-tear to your residential or commercial property during the process.

With more than 30 years’ industry experience, our carpenters are highly skilled, which is why every custom made wardrobe we design and build showcases the highest standard of workmanship.

So that our Singapore custom-made wardrobes stand the test of time, we carefully source premium materials from reputable suppliers. We also offer a large selection of colours and design features to ensure your custom wardrobe is unique.

Reasons to Choose our Quality Customised Wardrobe vs Cheap Off-The-Shelf Wardrobe

There are many different benefits to purchasing a custom made wardrobe through Carpentry Singapore over a ready-made, off-the-shelf wardrobe. For example, custom-made wardrobes are designed and built to last.

With custom-made wardrobes, you get to choose from a large selection of door designs and high-quality surfaces that have features such as being water, scratch, heat and cold resistant. Custom-made wardrobes are also easy-to-clean.

Every custom-made wardrobe is individually designed and customised to meet your unique needs, with stylish features to enhance the aesthetics. Also, with customised wardrobes, only premium quality, durable materials are used.

Depending on your personal tastes, with customised wardrobes, you have the freedom of choosing a wide variety of colours and finishes to complement your decor and lifestyle.

With Carpentry Singapore, when you have a customised wardrobe designed and built, superior customer service and products are guaranteed. As your wardrobe is built by a locally owned furniture manufacturer, there are no middleman costs.

Our Wardrobe Custom Ordering Process

Ordering a custom-made wardrobe through Carpenter Singapore is a simple and stress-free process. All you need to do is contact us through our quick quotation form and let us know your wardrobe sizing specifications and send us a photo or image of your desired wardrobe design.

From there, our carpenters will assess your wardrobe specifications and design demands before providing a competitive quote. After a price has been agreed on, we will arrange for an onsite visit to take the final measurements.

Once the custom-made wardrobe has been built in the factory, we will install it for you.