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Custom Furniture Singapore | Cheap Custom Made Furniture Singapore

Carpenter Singapore is a leading Singapore carpentry and wood works company specialising in customised furniture services for residential and commercial applications.

We design and build unique, stylish and contemporary made-to-measure custom-made cabinets, wardrobes, dressing tables, vanity tables and Tatami storage/platform beds. Other Singapore customised furniture we manufacture includes bookcases, shelves, cabinets and shoe cabinets.

We have been established for over 30 years building made-to-measure customised furniture Singapore. Our furniture showcases superior workmanship and we only use high-quality, durable materials. We use solid plywood in many of our furniture designs, which is carefully sourced.

All of the furniture we supply is built and customised in Singapore and we are dedicated to ensuring every client is 100% satisfied with the service and products they receive.

Our custom furniture is very affordable, as you’re dealing directly with expert carpenters, so there’s no middleman. We also offer a free quotation base on your requirements via our inquiry form, phone call or onsite viewing, to discuss your custom furniture needs.

Types of Customised Furniture We Offer

We offer a wide range of customised furniture Singapore services. All we need is a picture of the furniture items you desire and our experienced carpenters can build it to your exact specifications. All of the furniture we build is intelligently designed, merging functionality with impeccable style and maximum storage space.

We can design and build all types of residential and commercial furniture, whether you want a custom-made cabinet, bookcase or dressing table. Some of the different types of furniture we design are highlighted below:

Made-to-measure Wardrobes

Carpentry Singapore can build the highest quality made-to-measure wardrobes. Our carpenters have the expertise to be able to custom design and build wardrobes which can fit any width and height. We also offer a wide variety of doors and shelving configurations.

Custom-made Cabinets (Rooms and Kitchen)

We specialise in designing and building custom-made cabinets for rooms and kitchens and offer a vast selection of colours, styles and shelving configurations.

Custom-made Dressing Tables/Vanity Tables

For exquisitely designed and built made-to-measure dressing tables and vanity tables, contact Carpentry Singapore. Whether you prefer classic or modern styling, our carpenters have the versatility and skill-set to create your dream designs.

Made-to-measure Tatami Storage/Platform Beds

Carpenter Singapore can design and build Tatami storage and platform beds with superior space-saving features. Our Tatami beds can be designed and built to the length, depth and height you prefer, with an ample number of drawers and compartments for storage.

Made-to-measure Bookcases, Shelves & Cabinets

Have you have ever experienced problems buying ready-made furniture because the dimensions aren’t quite right for your available space? Then Carpentry Singapore’s custom-made furniture is the answer! We design and build the highest quality made-to-measure bookcases, shelves and cabinets to fit seamlessly into your free space.

Made-to-measure Shoe Cabinets

Find your shoes simply and easily each day by investing in a made-to-measure shoe cabinet through Carpentry Singapore. We can design shoe cabinets to accommodate shoe collections of any scale while saving on space. Our shoe cabinets are competitively priced and can be built with a vast range of features.

Wide Range of Furniture Materials, Finishes and Accessories Available

At Carpenter Singapore we only use the highest quality materials, finishes and accessories for the Singapore customised furniture we build. We source premium-quality, soft-closing hinges so that the doors of our custom-made cabinets and compartments can be open and shut quietly.

Whatever type of door you prefer on your custom-made furniture, our carpenters have the expertise to design and build it, from sliding to pull open doors. We also have a huge selection of finishing materials for you to choose from, such as laminates and glass.

Depending on your personal preferences, we can design and build all types of inner shelving configurations, to make more efficient use of your space. We also use solid plywood in many of our furniture designs, for quality and durability.

Skillful Carpenters in Singapore

We have a team comprised of some of the most skilful carpenters in Singapore, enabling us to be able to design and build all types of furniture. At Carpenters Singapore, we pride ourselves on designing and building premium-quality, custom-made furniture from superior materials.

Our furniture is specifically designed to maximise the use of the available space in our customers’ residential or commercial property. While we strive to create functional, space-saving furniture, we never compromise on the design aesthetics.

We also offer our clients stress-free installation. After your Singapore customised furniture is designed, we will take around 1 to 2 days to have it installed and fitted in your home or business. Our team will contact you in advance to arrange a time that suits.

With over 30 years’ experience in the carpentry trade, our carpenters always deliver the highest standard of workmanship in custom-made furniture.

Our Custom Furniture Ordering Process

To have superior-quality Singapore customised furniture designed and built all you need to do is send us a design of the furniture items via our inquiry form. We also need you to let us know the sizing specifications and types of furniture you would like.

After you’ve done this, wait for us to send you through a rough quote. Once we’ve discussed the quote and agreed on the price with you we’ll arrange an onsite visit to take final measurements. From there, we will design and build your furniture and then install it in your property.